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                  Ourworld Cheat/hack flow


ourworld cheat hack 

OurWorld the game:

ourWorld combines an online virtual world with a range of casual gaming activities. Each player has an avatar and a condo which can be decorated.
An in-game currency, "Flow", is earned by talking, dancing, eating and drinking, and playing games. Flow can be exchanged for experience points and coins. ourWorld operates on a microtransaction business model which allows players to purchase in-game "gems". Coins and gems are used to buy items for their avatar such as clothing, accessories or furniture. As players earn experience, they level up. This earns them prizes such as dance moves, access to new areas, vehicles, and privileges.
Players can also talk to each other, request friendship, gift items, create groups, send and receive mail, participate in contests and give "hearts". In 2013, they added the features of Popularity,Marriage and Adoption; where you can exchange wedding-rings or choose another player to be your child. Residents are people who have purchased one of several levels of residency cards, or pay money for monthly gems and special places.
There are some "special" items in ourWorld. These may include vehicles, tattoos, mystery boxes, sprites, inventories, residency passes, potions, wings, and ears/horns. Vehicles include skates, hoverboards, cars, skateboards, and jet-packs and the recently added dragons. These can sometimes be earned by leveling up others can be earned any level by gems. Sprites are animals that follow players' avatars around. Inventories increase the number of items players can keep in their inventory and photo album. Residency passes allows players to gain residency without buying a residency card. Potions allow players to change their avatar's appearance in ways they cannot usually do (Some kinds of food also does that). Mystery boxes contain random items that belong in a certain theme. Some examples of mystery boxes are the Zodiac Mystery Box and the Bronco Mystery Box. The new Chrono Magic Box has items that change over time. Recently, ourWorld has made many changes to their gameplay. Previously players could only level up to Level 100 but today you can continue up to Level 150.

The Hack:

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Ourworld cheat/hack features:

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